David Steele
Sean Hardy
Committee Member
Charlene Oliver-Tanner
Committee Member
Sean Goulding
Committee Member


  • Composed of 1 Committee Chair and 3-5 additional members, including up to 2 junior members.


  • Chair of the Officials committee is appointed by the Judo NS Executive Committee (EC). The Chair and EC will then recruit and appoint other members to the committee;

  • Committee members must be members in good standing with Judo Nova Scotia;

  • Must be Provincial level;  and

  • Must be active as a referee in Nova Scotia.

  • Junior member must be 14+ years of age.

Meeting Frequency

  • Committee will meet no less than 6 times per-year. Meetings will be called by committee chair.

Strategic Objectives

  • The Officials Committee will endeavour to develop and train officials to the highest standard. These trained officials will have a thorough knowledge of the IJF Refereeing Rules, current rule interpretations, and they officiate according to acceptable standards at competitions for all athletes held within Nova Scotia and other provinces. 


  • Provide suitable training and development opportunities for referees in Nova Scotia; and

  • Obtain current IJF Refereeing Rules as well as any NSO/PSO modifications thereto and provide the provincial membership with updated information. 


  • Maintain and implement the provincial referee policy;

  • Maintain a list of active Nova Scotia referees and their activities;

  • Assist in developing annual outcomes for JNS officials;

  • Liaise with the National Referee Committee, EC, Tournament Committee, and the Kata Committee Chairperson;

  • Provide supervision of referees at Judo Nova Scotia sponsored events;

  • Educate, evaluate, and examine referees up to Provincial “A”;

  • Develop an annual budget for the operations of the Committee’s activities; and 

  • Ensure Judo NS website information related to Officials is up to date.

  • Assist the EC with creation of annual officiating outcomes as required by SNS


  • Increase the number of provincial-level referees;

  • Increase the number of national-level referees in the province;

  • Host an officiating clinic within the Province; and

  • Update and maintain our Referee policy.

  • Increase female participation.  Work with the Womens Committee to develop programmes and seminars to help develop and encourage women to become referees.

  • Increase youth participation and development.


  • As approved on an annual basis by the Judo NS Board of Directors.


  • The EC will evaluate the performance of the Committee annually. The performance of the committee will be assessed based on the accomplishment of yearly objectives/outcomes.


  • Reports submitted as per the request of the EC. The Officials Committee also has the duty to report all matters that require full Board consideration to the EC.